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5,200盒 , THX! 5,200 boxes!


多謝大家支持,截至2020年3月19日,我們收到的物資大約有5,200盒(以鞋盒容量為單位)。等於,將有5,200個基層社區家庭會得到探訪和祝福!!雖然距離目標還有一段距離,但我相信,只要多一盒,便多一個基層人仕得到祝福! 大家努力!!!

Thank you for all your support! We have receive supplies from various collection points, online donation, and corp. donation, and it's about 5,200 boxes (shoe box as unit)!! That mean, there will be about 5,200 underprivileged people to be blessed by home visit and supplies. Although we are still behind our target (15,000 boxes), but we believe that, one more box, one more person get blessed. Let's keep it going!

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