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溫暖人心的笑容😄 Heart Warming Smile

基督教會活石堂石梨堂 - 睦鄰中心把大家的愛心和祝福化成的「抗逆」物資包送給有需要的基層社區人仕。收到的不只是物資,而是一份祝福與關心,所以在口罩下也看到的都是一張張溫暖人心的笑容😄。

The Church of Livingstones Shek Lei was giving out the PeaceBox Preset Supply Pack to the underprivileged community. This is not about the supplies they received, but the blessings and care, that's why we can see such heart warming smile even under the surgical mask. 😄

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