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【一萬個愛♥️ 10,000 Boxes】

今年PeaceBox祝福大行動,總共收到接近10,000盒的物資,等於會有大概10,000個基層家庭得到祝福!雖然今年在疫情之後與行PeaceBox 祝福大行動,但大家的愛心都沒有減少,反而是以一個更堅定的心,用行動去支持基層社區人仕!感謝各位無論是到物資站捐物資,或者在網上義購物資包的人仕,你們所捐出的,每一份都是代表一份關心,一份愛和祝福! 我們會繼續把物資送到基層社區的情況在專頁發佈,大家繼續留意! PeaceBox 2020 has received supplies in total of around 10,000 boxes! Thank you so much for all the donors who donated supplies to our collection points and those who donated online for the preset supply packs. We will keep posting the supplies distribution update in this page, please stay tuned!

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